Reward Summit App review
Like most people, I’m all for saving money, so when I find a free app that can help make that easier, you can bet I’m downloading it to my smart phone.

But unlike so many of the other money saving apps I’ve found, this one actually uses your own credit card rewards or cash back program to help you make the best shopping choices. 


If you’re like me and have trouble keeping track of all the awesome special offers and deals that pop up with your credit cards, then you’re really going to like Reward Summit app, not only tells you how much each credit card will pay back in rewards but will keep track of all of that for you. 
Here’s how it works: Simply register for a free account, input all the current credit cards you use and then it will start tallying your expenses, your rewards, your bonuses, cash back and even create reports for you that show how much you’re spending in each category (like electronics, toys, travel, dining, airlines and more), which can be helpful if you’re trying to stay on a budget. 
Another neat feature is that is acts like a financial adviser for those big (or little) purchases. You can input how much you’re about to spend on something, like a fancy dinner, and it will “advise” you on which of your credit cards will offer the best rewards. Genius! 
Reward Summit app for iOS
This virtual advisor will also notify you of those random day-long promotions that you rarely even know about, letting you take advantage of some extra savings. If you have a couple credit cards in your wallet, the Reward Summit app is a definite must-have for making sure you’re saving as much as possible, at all times. Jeana 

Reward Summit is available for free from iTunes.

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