There are smartphones, smart TVs, smart cars, but little did I think that smart faucets would soon be a category of its own. Check out this product called the Stratus that is essentially just that: a smart faucet that lets you not only filter your water through the kitchen sink (not new), but also check on its levels, filtration, contaminants, all from your smartphone (very new). 

Smart faucet with filter | Stratus by Zuvo

The Stratus by Zuvo uses a built-in WiFi system that gives you all that important information on your smartphone, but does so much more than that. Dubbed as an “intelligent water faucet and filtration system,” the Stratus uses a combo of UV light, ozone and carbon filters to make your tap water the cleanest possible. 


Hibiscus bervarage faucet with filter | Stratus by Zuvo

There are different ways you can use the Stratus system, either using just the filter with your existing faucet, or getting the whole kit and caboodle and using its intelligent faucet as well. Then the filter, in combo, with the “smart” faucet, gives you everything you’d need to know about what your kids are drinking, even how much the family is drinking and how long you have before you need to switch the filter. 
Check your family's water consumption
Right now the Stratus smart faucet is getting funded through its IndieGoGo campaign and you can help bring this to your household by donating–they’re so close to their goal! Besides, having the cleanest, most pure water right from your kitchen sink sounds pretty nice. Being able to call your faucet smart is a really cool bonus. Jeana

Check out the Stratus by Zuvo Indiegogo page to learn more. If the campaign meets its funding goal, the faucets will start shipping in the summer.


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