Find Your Way to Oz If your kids are Oz crazy–or maybe you are?–you’ll be excited to hear about this brand new partnership between Google Chrome and Disney Studios that brings the Land of Oz comes right to my desktop.

Yes, it’s to promote the new Oz The Great and Powerful movie coming out, but wow, is it cool.

Find Your Way to Oz is an interactive and crazy-realistic web experience made for the Chrome browser. While there are hints of the original movie here and there (being in Kansas, a hot air balloon and other themes), it’s really a modern take on the Wizard’s fantastical journey to Oz, with sneak peeks at the new movie too.

Find Your Way to Oz
You can start at a Kansas City circus and mess about with the interactive features, like composing music, taking photos in a photo booth, even using your webcam to create your own movie. Other options include experiencing a realistic tornado as your hot air balloon gets hurled about, eventually getting closer to the land of Oz. Yep, still with those flying monkeys. Jeana

Check out Find Your Way to Oz through your Chrome browser and look for the movie, coming March 8!

Psst…if you’re totally geeky, check out this Path to Oz Case Study which talks about how it was created and gives you some fun ways to play with it through recoding. [thanks simon!]