Here are a few links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too! 
LEGO Leica camera

Last week’s Web Coolness profiled a LEGO model of an original Apple Mac computer. Check out some of these other tech-inspired LEGO creations. Whoa!

Twitter scored big on Super Bowl Sunday too, with a crazy number of tweets. Guess how many.

The biggest social media spike of the Super Bowl may surprise you.

Free printable Minecraft fortune teller valentines

Our kids are going to have a field day with these free, printable Minecraft storyteller valentines

Great tech recommendations on making tax filing easier.

It’s App Friday on Moms With Apps – meaning great deals on all kinds of apps for kids.

Disney confirms a new stand-alone Star Wars film.

Have you checked out Google’s daily puzzle? Thanks for the tip, Geek Dad.

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