Need to keep little hands away from the jellybeans while you get ready for Easter brunch? Thankfully, the thoughtful people who have brought us ClickySticky Halloween and ClickySticky Christmas have a fun and free app that is just right for today’s holiday.

ClickySticky Easter features five separate scenes for your kids to decorate with virtual stickers. Using this app is super easy: Just scroll through the stickers at the top and select the images you want to drag down into the picture.

Unlike real stickers, these stickers can be made bigger or smaller with a pinch of the fingers, and you can even reverse their direction or twist them to the side.

ClickySticky Easter scene on Cool Mom Tech

Decorate a dozen Easter eggs, fill an Easter basket with goodies, or create an entire scene with goofy-looking bunnies. I love the bouquet of Easter flowers you can arrange by dragging different colorful blooms into a vase.

And once their masterpiece is done, it’s easy to save or email with a personal message like “Happy Easter Grandma! Here are some flowers for you!”

ClickySticky Easter bouquet on Cool Mom Tech

The background music gets a bit repetitive after a while but thankfully can be quickly shut off from any page. I also appreciate that this app has no banner ads, in-app purchases, or prompts to entice kids to purchase other apps. But don’t be surprised if your kids expect an Easter basket as grand as the one they create in stickers. –Christina

ClickySticky Easter for iOS is $1.99 to download at iTunes. Do it today!

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