It’s now March which means many a mother’s thoughts turn towards fitness.

Lifeproof iPhone 5 fitness armband on Cool Mom Tech

Now I have nothing but love for the LifeProof iPhone case, which has proven its weight through many embarrassing falls and toilet drops. My only issue: I don’t want to have to remove my iPhone from the case to take it out on my training runs. But that’s all changed thanks to their new fitness accessories, perfect for active moms and dads.


Lifeproof cell phone armband on Cool Mom Tech

As a runner, I’m most excited about their iPhone 5 fitness armband, which safely holds your Lifeproof encased iPhone 5 for running, swimming, or whatever other rigorous activity you might engage in. Just pop it into the harness and then wrap the band around your arm, all while still getting full access to all the buttons, camera, and headphone ports.

Keep in mind that the fitness armband is one size, so if you have really small or really big arms, you’ll want to check it out to be sure it’s comfortable for you. I have read a few reviews of the older model that say it’s not as sturdy after months of use–a good reason to purchase it from the Lifeproof site to be sure you have access to their excellent customer service.

And while you can’t carry your keys and GUs in it like you can with the Arm Pocket fitness armband, but on the flip side, it’s much less bulky, a huge bonus for people like me who are already carrying around a few extra pounds from the holidays. Heh.


Lifeproof iPhone 5 Bike Mount on Cool Mom Tech

For you bikers, the iPhone 5 bike mount allows you to attach your phone safely to your bike handlebars so you can keep up with your pace, listen to music (safely, if you choose), or just keep you from having to tuck it away in a pocket or bag somewhere.


LifeProof fr? iPhone 5 case on Cool Mom Tech

Finally, if you’re the type just happy to toss your phone into a workout bag, you’ll be happy to see all the pretty new colors for the iPhone 5 Lifeproof Fre case. On the outside chance that you (gasp) can get through a whole workout without the use of technology at all.  Kristen

You can purchase the new iPhone 5 bike mount and iPhone 5 armband at

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