It’s no secret how much we dig the fantastic Lifeproof iPhone cases, but now it looks like Android users are going to get a little Lifeproof love very soon.

New Android Lifeproof case on Cool Mom Tech

At the SXSWi conference in Austin this past weekend, I got one of the first looks at the durable, protective new Samsung Galaxy S3 Lifeproof cell phone case. Hooray!

New Android Lifeproof case on Cool Mom Tech

Now keep in mind, this is a working prototype, so the final version might look a little different. And if you carry a different Android phone, fear not. They’re working feverishly to create models for other versions too. But given the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S3, we’re not surprised this was their first foray into the Android world. -Kristen

The new Android Lifeproof case will be available in a couple of months. We’ll keep you posted!

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