I’m already an avid Magisto user, a parent’s dream app that allows you to create gorgeous, edited videos with just a few simple clicks. If you haven’t downloaded Magisto just yet, now there’s absolutely no reason to wait, because the new feature is, well, magical.

So I was honored that they invited me to be a part of their SXSW Thought Leadership Program with several other men and women in tech, and experiment out the app’s brand new features during my time in Austin. What I learned is that now Magisto users or new adopters (like you?) are able to add still photos into their video montages, a cool new feature that really adds so much to their already handy service.

New Magisto app features on Cool Mom Tech

You use the app like you normally would, shooting at least one minute total video time, that you then select, along with your theme and music, which Magisto whips up into a cool, edited masterpiece in a matter of minutes. But now you can also choose still photos as well, as you can see in the image above, as long as they live in the photo gallery on your smart phone.

The result: Well, take a look at some of my SXSW Magisto videos and see for yourself. -Kristen

You can download the free Magisto app for iOS on iTunes and Android on Google Play.