Since I use my iPhone 5 camera as my only camera, I’m always on the lookout for ways to make my photos better, whether it’s an online iPhoneography class, or the myriad camera apps out there. (My favorites are Camera+, AfterGlow, and Snapseed).

But now with this new gadget, I can do something I’ve never been able to do before: Shoot photos like I’ve got a DSLR, and with three different lenses.

I had the great pleasure of meeting the cool dad inventor of the Olloclip at SXSWi last weekend, and I’m not sure what’s more exciting–his amazing story or his smart gadget.

Built in his garage and launched as a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, the Olloclip gives you a Macro, Wide-Angle and Fisheye lens all on one little gadget that pops right on your iPhone 4/4S or 4th generation iPod Touch.

And now, your 5th generation iPod Touch or iPhone 5.

Still made right here in the USA, the Olloclip is a sturdy little gadget (she says after dropping it on the ground twice already) that fits snugly over your iPhone camera. Just choose the lens you want, slide it on the corner of your iPhone, and start shooting. Take a peek at the different lenses:

Wide Angle Olloclip

Wide Angle

FishEye Olloclip lens

Fish Eye

Macro Lens Olloclip


Keep in mind that in order the Olloclip to be effective, it needs to be right up against the camera, which means you can’t use it with a case. Thankfully, they’re coming out with a compatible case very soon and trust me, it’s awesome (yes, I got a sneak peek). And while it does come with lens covers and a little pouch that also doubles as a cleaning cloth, I keep it in the zipped front pouch of my bag so I can grab it fast.

Until their case comes out, it’s absolutely worth the price provided you can bravely go forth without a case on your phone for the time being. Especially if you’re a snap-happy iPhone camera user like me. -Kristen

You can purchase the new Olloclip for iPhone 5 on their website, or check for a list of their approved partners (since unfortunately, lots of fake ones abound).

[All photos © Kristen Chase; edited using Afterglow and PicMonkey]