ICON Artist Series cases from Cygnett on Cool Mom Tech

I’m a fan of Cygnett iPhone cases for their simple, safe gadget protection, but after taking a peek at the newest additions to their ICON Art series, it appears they’re also perfect for design-y folk and art lovers too.

Inspired by a passion for creativity, art, and design, the ICON Art series of iPhone and iPod Touch cases feature collaborations between internationally-known artists that result in completely unique cases that are perfect for appreciators of amazing art.

TATS CRU ICON art series cases on Cool Mom Tech

Recently, they worked with Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, an award-winning Aboriginal artist who’s been a pioneer of artists cooperatives in Australia, both promoting artists and bringing culture and economic development to their communities. His original artwork can be seen on two ICON cases both inspired by cultural traditions of indigenous people.

TATS CRU iPhone case from Cygnett on Cool Mom Tech

And on a totally different end of the art spectrum is TATS CRU, a world-renowned group of muralists who helped make graffiti a recognized public art form. Not surprisingly, their case is bright and bold, inspired by mural art from their home base, The Bronx, NYC and I’ve already gotten a slew of compliments with it on my own iPhone 5.

What I love most is that these hard shell cases aren’t just pretty on the outside. They happen to be some of the nicest iPhone cases I’ve seen, with raised edges to protect your phone when it’s dropped as well as a matte finish so it’s not slipping out of your hand. And they pop off with just a little bit of effort, which means you can change them when the mood hits, sort of like art on your walls. Kristen

You can purchase the new ICON Art Series cases from Cygnett for iPhone 5 and iPod Touch on their website.

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