For as long as I’ve had an iPhone (pretty long, in tech years), I’ve been satisfied with the Safari browser that comes with the phone. But now that I’ve tried out the Chrome browser app, I’m switching faster than you can say “what was David Bowie’s first album?”

The free Chrome app for iOS has so much of what I love about the browser on my home computer. There’s tabbed browsing so you don’t have to keep hitting that back button to toggle between websites; the ability to import or share bookmarks and preferences by signing in through Gmail; and best of all, the smart search right in the location bar which gives you popular options to complete your search query before you’ve even finished asking it.

I also like the option to browse “incognito,” meaning no sites showing up in your history, and no cookies are stored.

(Though you might not point that option out to any teens using your device.)

Chrome app for iPhone | Cool Mom Tech

Another thoughtful feature: The keyboard layout itself which happens to put colons, backslashes, periods and a .com key at top, so you’re not shifting back and forth every time you need to type in a direct url. It’s the little things, you know?

Thank you Chrome. From the bottom of my iPhone-addicted heart. Consider yourself a permanent fixture on my dock. –Liz

Visit iTunes to download the free Chrome app for iOS.

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