If you’ve ever lost luggage, then you know how frustrating it can be to track it down. Not anymore with GoCodes and some basic QR code technology to the rescue.

GoCodes QR code tags for luggage on Cool Mom Tech

GoCodes offers QR-coded luggage tags that are Internet ready and GPS enabled in all sorts of cool designs for kids and adults. All you have to do is register your codes, add whatever personal information you’d like to share if someone finds and scans the tag (including a reward, if you wish), and then attach the CoGode luggage tags to your bags.

When someone finds your lost bag and scans the code on the luggage tag, a message will pop up with your information so that they can contact you. And I love that with these tags, your address and phone number aren’t just floating around for every single person to see.

Find lost luggage with GoCodes tags on Cool Mom Tech

Now of course you’ve got to hope that the person who finds your luggage is tech-savvy enough to know what to do with a QR code, or at least turn your bag in to a person who is.

One other cool thing: GoCodes offers gadget and gear tags too, perfect for the loss-prone people in your family (like in my family). Attach a QR coded ID tag to your keychain, put one of the tag stickers right onto a laptop, a camera, or a hand-held gaming system, or use the iron-on QR tags in your kids’ clothing. I can only imagine how much easier it would have been for those good samaritans to get more than a few of my husband’s gadgets back to him if all they had to do was scan and email. Kristen

Find lost luggage and more with GoCodes luggage tags.

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