Here are a few links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too!

Horsehead Nebula on Cool Mom Tech


These photos of the Horsehead Nebula are jaw-dropping.

NYC residents will give a collective woot woot when they hear this awesome WiFi news.

Put that phone down when you’re driving, even if you’re using Siri behind the wheel.

Check out some great Mother’s Day gift ideas for Instagram users.

And how much are people spending for a ½ hour with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook??

Sugar Bush as Albert Einstein on Cool Mom Tech

Any guesses on who ‘Sugar Bush‘ is dressed up as this time?

This very curious man found that this everyday toy can be used 37,112 times.

Helpful tips on things to check before buying from flash sale sites.

Smartphones, smart cars, smart kitchens, now smart pjs?

Now this is a new kind of school that every kid would jump out of bed to attend.

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