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Since I’ve got a smart phone plan that covers a ridiculous amount of text messages every month, I’ve never really wondered how to text for free using an app. Plus, since so many of my friends have iPhone, we can iMessage back and forth for free.

But then I tried the free MessageMe app and now I’m completely hooked.

MessageMe is a free texting app for both iOS and Android that allows you to send texts to other folks with the app without a charge.

Once you sign up and then invite friends (who must also sign up in order for you to message them), you’ll see why I love this app so much; it’s so much more than just free text messaging.

You can easily send photos and videos (from your gallery, or even from Google Images or YouTube), voice messages, doodles, or music via iTunes or Google Music, all with just a couple of clicks. I mean, why send words when you can scrawl funny words on photos? Or record a clip of your kid saying something funny? 

MessageMe app on Cool Mom Tech

It’s so much fun that it’s pretty addicting, which is why you won’t be surprised to know that it’s popular with the tween and teen set–which based on the images of the MessageMe screenshots, I’m pretty sure is who the company is targeting. And considering all that you can do with it, including group text and share your location (eep), you’ll want to keep this app on your radar if you have older kids using it, even if you don’t want to use it yourself.

Which considering how much I’ve been on it, well, good luck with that. Kristen

Download the free MessageMe app on iTunes and Google Play.

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