As much as I try to hunt down educational apps for kids, every now and then I’m blown away with an app that does nothing more than showcase an artist’s true talent in a cool, interactive way.

Petting Zoo app for kids on Cool Mom Tech

That’s exactly what happened when I found Petting Zoo, an interactive picture book acclaimed artist Christoph Niemann that combines his hand drawn animations and  awesome sense of humor into an app that my kids love.

Petting Zoo app porcupine on Cool Mom Tech

You and your kids will have a ball tapping each of the 21 animals in the book and watching their reactions coordinated with cool, musical sounds. Just wait until you see the breakdancing dachsund. It’s really unlike any other app out there, and something all my kids (2 through 8) enjoy playing with. 

I will say it’s not recommended for those of you with first generation iPads, so just keep that in mind if you download it and you experience some crashing. Otherwise, I’d heartily recommend this charming app, not just for your own kids but the kid in you. Kristen

Download Petting Zoo for iPhone or iPad on iTunes.

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