Here are a few links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too!

Love is Louder campaign for Boston at Cool Mom Tech

This Love is Louder campaign in support of Boston speaks for itself.

We were devastated by the horrendous tragedy in Boston. But good always prevails and social media rallied to provide assistance, including a campaign called the Boston Marathon Fundraiser.

Speaking of doing good, we love this round-up of nine ways to use social media to support causes.

Before you Instagram that gorgeous piece of pie, read this piece on using those food shots for a good cause.

Four BILLION hours. Any guesses on what that equals? Hint: we love watching TV.

Kids might be keeping you from getting a full eight hours a night, but try getting sleep without gravity.

Now that’s what we call an avant-garde sink.

Sure your smartphone can do a lot for you, but check out six features that you don’t really need.

The highly anticipated product of the year started shipping. What do you think if these first glimpses of what it can do?

Minecraft-loving kids will love these new additions to their wardrobes.

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