Every year, my kids try to bring me breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day. They also know how much I cherish my Sunday New York Times, so it’s often an uneasy balance between granola and my beloved paper covered in almond milk.

iPad breakfast tray | Cool Mom Tech

It’s a sweet gesture, really it is and I love them for that. It’s just that….well, it’s messy. So, this year I am all about making everyone’s lives a bit easier which is why I’m showing my husband this rad iPad Lap Desk.

It makes sense considering I’m switching over to a digital subscription to the Times (it’s both eco-friendly and mess free). The kids can then carb-load me while Daddy handles the joe (preferably CMP fave, Tonx, because he knows how I roll). Then, when I am awoken from my slumber (assuming that the noise from the kitchen didn’t wake me up), I can grab my iPad from the bedside table and dine in peace.

Fantasy? Hope not. –Eva

iPad Lap Desk is available from Give Simple

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