We’ve shared our favorite tech Father’s Day gifts under $50 (they exist!), and then our favorite gifts for under $150. Now it’s time to bring out the big guns. If your dad or Grandpa or even Great Grandpa were extra especially deserving this year–you know what we mean–here are some of our favorite gift ideas meant to make a big impression.

We still suggest you throw in a handmade card. Unlike technology, that never goes out of style.

Lomocam Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter
Get back into real film with this amazing medium-format lomo-camera that takes square, rectangular or even panoramic photos. It comes with two lenses and if we gave this to Dad, it would be with the caveat that we get to borrow it. Make sure you throw in some awesome 800 ISO film, too.  ($299, Lomography)

New Sonos PLAYBAR home theater wireless speaker

Sonos Playbar
We love everything from Sonos, and the new Playbar is no exception–it turns your regular old TV into an outrageous sounding home theater. ($699, Sonos)

Bottega Veneta iPad sleeve | Cool Mom Tech

Bottega Veneta Leather iPad Sleeve
Okay, so it costs more than the iPad it’s meant to carry. But holy…that is a thing of beauty. Or handsomeness. ($630 at Net-a-Porter)

Suunto Quest heart rate monitor watch | Cool Mom Tech

Suunto Quest Heart Rate Monitor Watch
More than a watch, more than a chronograph, any fitness-minded fella will love the heart rate monitor, training program, and even software to download data to your PC. ($249 at Back Country)

Buhel Bluetooth sunglasses | Cool Mom Picks

Buhel Bluetooth Headset Sunglasses
They look just like polarized sunglasses that you might see on a cyclist, but they’re actually a crazy cool Bluetooth headset that transmits sound through vibrations in your face–don’t worry, it’s safe. In fact you can still hear the world because there’s nothing in your ear. Awesome for phone calls, music, or ignoring the world at the beach. ($158.99 on sale, Brookstone)

Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote control | Cool Mom Tech

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote  This is no mere remote control.  Thanks to Bluetooth, the touch screen lets you control your home theater even when the DVR is behind a cabinet–or even in another room. You can also synch with your smart phone and use that as well which might amp up that whole “fighting over the remote control” thing. ($349 at our affiliate Amazon with free shipping)

Bowers & Wilkins Noice Cancelling Headphones | Cool Mom Tech

Bowers & Wilkins PS Noise Canceling Headphones
These comfy, great-looking headphones are so fancy, they describe features like “ultra-linear neodymium magnets” and “optimized mylar drive units.” All we know is that if he has an iPod or iPhone–and plenty of other phones–he may never want to take these premium cans off his ears. ($299.95, The Apple Store)

Nikon D3100 14.2 mp DSLR | Cool Mom Tech

Nikon D3100 14.2 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm VR Lens
If he’s ready to upgrade from a point-and-shoot, this is a great entry-level dSLR with incredibly user friendly conrols. It’s a CNET editor top pick and also an awesome price if you grab it soon. ($449 on sale at Target for a limited time)


McCauley American Ninja propeller art | Cool Mom Tech

Vintage Style McCauley American Ninja 3-Blade Airplane Propeller Art
Oh, like he already has one? ($3,140 at Plane Pieces)