Here are a few links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too!

Rachel Cooper Instagram photo for #timehappiness

Need a little beauty in your life right now? Check out these lovely expressions of happiness on Instagram. Above photo by Rachel Cooper.

If you want to hand down your tablet, make sure you check out our post on making tablets safer for kids.

Did you notice how much spiffier Google Play looks now?

The internet is buzzing about the Pixar Theory.

It’s nice to finally hear positive news about being being friends with your kids online.

Make your own DIY smartphone projector.

AT&T customers will appreciate this new program that lets you upgrade your device every year. Yay!

You’d be surprised to see how far back emoticons go.

Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems’. Hilarious.

Francophiles will really appreciate the new street view perspective that Google recently added.

Wow, who knew what a masterpiece you could make with milk.

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