Here are a few links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too!

Great Gatsby infographic at Cool Mom Tech

Who would’ve thought that an infographic would be created for The Great Gatsby? Ha!

Is your phone acting sluggish? Maybe you need to clear the cache. Here’s how.

Big news for you LEGO Marvel Superheroes fans!

This iconic magazine is putting its most famous photos up for sale. Recognize any of these?

Is bigger better? More iPhone/iPad rumors surface.

Can you spot Earth in this picture? Amazing.

Blind artist uses Microsoft Paint at Cool Mom Tech

You won’t believe the amazing artist behind this picture, and the medium he uses to create it.

Gmail inbox getting overloaded with ads? Good tips on how to stop them.

San Franciscans are rejoicing over a recent Google announcement. Hope other cities are in the works!

Check out these interesting Kickstarter projects that are looking for funding. We like ice cream.

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