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Where are U.S. adults using phones? | Cool Mom Tech

Kind of shocked to learn the connection between cell phone use and sex. Maybe we shouldn’t be.

With Sprint guaranteeing free unlimited data for life, is that enough to make you switch carriers?

Hurry and download these free apps to celebrate Apple App Store’s 5th birthday before it’s too late.

Apps aside, why you might want to stick with Amazon for ebooks, and not Apple.

Cute story about a seven-year-old’s NASA dream.

Camps aren’t just for kids–especially this one, especially if you’re too attached to your tech.

Here’s a sneak peek (supposedly) at the new iOS 7 font. Little change or big change?

Hooray for more women rising up the tech ranks: Meet Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green.


Apple 1 computer on Cool Mom Tech

Any guesses on how much this Apple 1 sold for at a recent auction?

Some helpful tips how to use Facebook’s Graph Search.

Speaking of which, here are five common Facebook mistakes – have you made any of these?

The Divvy app could be the future of shopping via your smart phone.

Tour de France enthusiasts will love this Google Maps feature.

Attention developers: Create or update an add-on for Firefox and win a Macbook Air or Android Tablet. Click to see all the categories that the rest of us can reap the benefits.

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