Here are a few tech links we enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too.

Love this proud father’s story of his two geeky superhero daughters.

Looks like Facebook is falling out of favor with teens. See what’s replacing its popularity (Hint: It’s an app we warned you about, parents).

Mentorship is a key factor in identifying and advancing future African-American tech leaders.

Satiregram Instagram account | Cool Mom Tech

We’re cracking up over this Instagram satire account. (And yes, we’re guilty of a few of these ourselves.)

Is Apple really trying to make your iPhone obsolete?

Two of our favorites, Baby Buggy and Bravado Designs, are working together to help parents in need and they could use your help using your social media accounts. Can you join us?

Edith Head Google Doodle | Cool Mom Tech

We swooned over the Google Doodle honoring legendary costume designer Edith Head and the stars she dressed. Wow.

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