Here are a few tech links we enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too.


Real life invisibility cloaks. Our kids would go nuts!

The best Twitter conversation you will read today. Seriously. Awesome. (via Maia at Brooklyn Brewery)

We still can’t believe the amount of money the SnapChat creators rejected this week for the purchase of their business.

The PS4 is here today! Love this list of indie PS4 game titles to keep an eye out for.

The craziest OKCupid date ever. Whoa. (Psst: OKCupid is a dating app)

Big news for you Netflix users. Isn’t that pretty much everyone these days?

Here’s a crazy way to tell if your kids are lying, from Google.

The most influential women in the Boston Tech community (not including our own Jeana Tahnk for some reason).

Got questions about how to use Twitter? Check out our Editor Liz on The Today Show this week giving her tips to help you get started.

Are college admissions looking at kids’ tweets? The answer might surprise you.

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