We’re huge Nintendo fans around here. From the Wii U to the Nintendo 3DS, and even an awesome real life Super Mario Brothers video, we’re hooked. But when Nintendo launched their new 2DS, we weren’t so sure whether a good review would find it worthy for our readers.

But the minute I saw my 5-year old son holding the Nintendo 2DS, I totally got it. And it’s brilliant.

The Nintendo 2DS was definitely designed with younger kids in mind. It’s perfectly sized for little hands–smaller than an iPad mini, but thicker and easier to grip. Nintendo eliminated the hinged case to help reduce breakage, which has reportedly been a problem (though fortunately not yet at our house). And the matte plastic case in red or blue helps keep scuffs from showing.

Nintendo 2DS gaming system | Cool Mom Tech

Huge plus for parents: All video games in the Nintendo DS line can be played on the 2DS, including the original DS and the 3DS games so you’re not tossing your collection and starting over. Plus when my son plays on the 3DS, I watch closely to ensure he doesn’t crank up the 3D view and strain his eyes, and it’s reassuring that that’s no longer a concern, with the 2DS.

It’s not designed for adults–we can be trusted with glossy cases, and we know when to put down the game and give our eyes a break. But the Nintendo 2DS is just right for little kids who can hardly wait to play all those super cool games like the big kids. -Julie

Learn more about the Nintendo 2DS on the Nintendo website, and purchase the console and accessories online from Target or Gamestop


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