Sesame Street has become the¬†classic TV show for kids because the writers have always considered parents when they’re creating their content. Whether they’re singing with Pentatonix or spoofing Homeland, we’re watching. So here’s our list of the best of the best when it comes to the best Sesame Street movie spoofs, with a few TV parodies that were too good to pass up.

The fact that Sesame Street can take a show like Homeland–one I’d hardly suggest my kids watch–and parody it ¬†is brilliant. In this spoof, Caaa-rrie and Saaaa-ul are sheep detectives looking for the Big Bad Wolf, who’s “on the lam[b].” I mean, the puns! Baaa-rodie even shows up as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The minimal attempt to hide the fact that he’s a wolf will crack your kids up, while the hilarious is-he-or-isn’t-he suspense will make fans chuckle. The best part about it might be the way they’ve perfectly captured the emotional train wreck that is Carrie (sans pills, of ccourse). If you’re a Homeland fan, this is one to watch.

Best Sesame Street Spoofs: Upside Downton Abbey | Cool Mom Tech
Upside Downton Abbey
It’s no secret that we love all of the drama over at Downton Abbey. All the heartbreak, the tragedy…and poor Edith! But this fun spoof of Carson and Lady Grantham in Upside Downton Abbey is slapstick at its best. Even when the tea and scones and kidney pie hit the floor (or, er, ceiling) no one breaks from their perfect, perfect manners. Except my kids, who were rolling on the floor laughing.

Law and Order: Special Letters Unit
Okay so it’s not actually a movie, but I still love this classic spoof of Law & Order: SVU–if something that first aired in 2006 can be called a classic. The detectives are always getting it wrong, which sends my kids into fits of giggles. And the increasingly frequent use of the iconic Law & Order chung-chung sound is hilarious. Plus, kids learn about the letter M. Good stuff.

Lord of the Crumbs
In this spoof of the Lord of the Rings, Cookie Monster must remember the recipe for his “precious,” which are cookies as you may have guessed. It’s a lesson for kids in delayed gratification as Cookie does his best to not eat his ingredients before he pulls them all together to make the one dessert to rule them all. Nerds, this one’s for us.

Les Mousserables
This Les Mis parody recounts the story of John Bon-Bon, a French guy who’s very sad he has no cookies. But then he gets cookies, but his friends (with funny foodie names, like Flantine) still don’t have any. So he decides to share. Then the casts sings “One Day S’More” and everyone’s happy. If puns make you laugh, this is the video for you. Plus, my three-year-old was mesmerized as Cookie learned the connections between body language to emotion–like when Flantine cries and hugs herself, we know she’s sad. We won’t get into the things that made the original Fantine sad, though.

The Hungry Games: Catching Fur
As if the perfect title wasn’t enough, this excellent video spoof covers all the great Hunger Games one-liners, Sesame Street style: “May the cookies be ever in your flavor.” And, of course, “I volunteer.” But it also challenges kids to think as they help Cookiness Evereat and her companions complete the puzzles they need to win the games. Personally, I love that they made Peeta into a slice of pita bread. And the subtle reference to Jennifer Lawrence and her love for food is just brilliant.

Watch all of Sesame Street’s movie spoofs and parodies at And let us know if you have a favorite we’re missing!

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