While we’re all for technology being put to use to make life more fun for our kids. And yeah, us. But when it’s educational too, even better. If you’re in the same boat, take a look at the MicrobeScope on Kickstarter because you may want to be one of the first to get one. Well, aside from the hundreds of STEM-loving backers who have already helped them to surpass their fundraising goal five times over.

This amazing pocket-sized microscope lets you see microbes at 800x magnification and higher–or what they call the physical limits of optical resolution (i.e. super super tiny). You don’t need any special slides or anything; just a AAA battery. What’s more, it has a phone mount, allowing you to capture video right on your iPhone, then share it. And if you are lucky enough to have a newer iPhone like the 5S, you can use your phone’s zoom to get a full 2000x magnification.

Them’s some big microbes you’re going to see.

This is not a kids’ toy; it’s a serious scientific tool but I know my nature-loving kids would go nuts for it. I can see bringing a MicrobeScope with us to the park, on a hike, at the beach, and letting them discover the world around us that’s too small to see.  It might even be a great way to get them to watch their hands more, or know why we’re always telling them to “take that thing out of your mouth.”

Read more about the MicrobeScope by 4D Optical on Kickstarter. The campaign runs through 4/19/14. A $135 pledge gets you one in June if it’s not sold out, so hurry! You can also pledge $15 to sponsor a donation to a school–for every 10 pledges, one will b edonated. You can even nominate a school for consideration. Cool.


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