Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy reading them too. 


Did you know you can follow Star Wars on Instagram? (They publish all sorts of cool behind-the-scenes photos from the movies)

We’ve seen a ton of amazing GoPro videos, but this Superman GoPro video might just take the cake.

Big news from Google this week that we think parents should be excited about.

Dying to get your hands on a Samsung S5? Head to Best Buy today to get a sneak peek.

Spruce up your computer for spring with these cool desktop wallpapers

One of our favorite animal alphabet songs for kids: A free download now for a limited time. Get it for your kid!

We love that Khan Academy is offering free SAT prep. Huge! (h/t Alpha Mom)

Little Bits is about to get a lot more awesome with their new gadgets they premiered at TED. (via @iamreff)

We’re having a ball checking out everyone’s first tweets. Have you seen yours?

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