I know I’m not the first one with iPhone battery issues, especially since the launch of iOS 7 . Which is why I’ve found no shortage of complaints around the web (and amongst our own staff) about the same frustrating thing. In lieu of being constantly tethered to any one of the many¬†portable power options¬†out there (although they are super helpful), here are some super simple ways you can fix iPhone battery issues and try to stem the biggest drains on your phone.

iOS 7 battery drain issues: Tips for preserving your iPhone battery | Cool Mom Tech

1. Turn off location services 

All those apps that are using your phone’s GPS functionality are eating away at your phone’s battery power too, since GPS is always querying your location to determine your whereabouts. Unless you are on a road trip or in a place you don’t know, you probably don’t need to keep your location services on at all times. To turn them off, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and flip the switch. Easy.


iOS 7 battery issues: Turn off LTE | Cool Mom Tech

2. Disable LTE speeds

4G or LTE is touted as being super fast, but I’ve never really noticed a tremendous difference with it on. Plus, it gobbles up battery power like crazy, so I’d just as soon keep it turned off and only use at times I need it. To turn it off, go to Settings > Cellular, and then you’ll see where you can turn off Enable LTE.


Tips for preserving iPhone battery life | Cool Mom Tech

3. Be selective about push notifications. Very selective. 

Usually when you download an app, you are asked if you want to receive push notifications. If you generally click¬†OK without thinking,¬†you are left with a bunch of apps that are constantly pinging you at all hours of the day and night. As if you don’t get enough alerts and reminders already? Take a few minutes to de-select notifications that apps sent and you can preserve your battery and make your phone quieter at the same time. You can find this in Settings > Notification Center, and then scroll down to individually customize each app’s notifications.

Twitter DM’s? Great. Game Center alerts about someone beating your high score? Maybe not.


Tips for preserving your iPhone battery:  Background App Refresh | Cool Mom Tech

4. Update apps manually

iOS 7 is preset to update any apps automatically that are not currently being used. But if you have a lot of apps on your phone, that could mean that you have literally dozens of apps updating at any given time. Besides, you don’t need every little tweak to every single app. (So now Words With Friends supports Russian? Awesome for Russians, maybe not so much for you.) Switch to manual updating so you can choose when those apps get updated. You can pick and choose which apps you want updated in Settings > General > Background App Refresh.



Tips for preserving your iPhone battery | Cool Mom Tech

5. Close out of apps

Any time you open your email, photos, or your kids open their 24 apps, your phone keeps them open until you close them manually. All of those apps running simultaneously can take chunks out of your battery as well. To close them, double click on the home button and then swipe the apps upwards to quit out of them. To be fair, there has been some heated discussion recently in tech circles as to whether closing out of apps helps your battery or actually hurts it. But I will say closing out of apps always seems to work for me–and plenty of the commenters on that Lifehacks post agree. It also it seems that Facebook is its own special culprit in the matter so if you quit anything, maybe start there.


Mushroom micro usb eco-charger | Cool Mom Tech

6. Unplug when your iPhone is fully charged

Most of you, like me, probably charge your phone at night and leave it plugged in until the morning. Doing so actually degrades your battery over time, so it’s best to charge until your battery is full and then unplug. (Not that you should get up at 3AM to check.) Alternatively, you can use a charger like the Mushroom GreenZero charger that automatically shuts off when the battery is full–it will save your iPhone battery and save you energy consumption too.

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