I’ve seen all sorts of tutorials on how to dye Easter eggs and I’ll be honest, I’ve never really mastered the art myself. But now thanks to the Martha Stewart Easter Egg app, I’m an expert dyer. Is that what they’re called?

I’m a big fan of the Martha Stewart food apps, so it’s not really a surprise how impressed I am with her Easter egg app, which is just as comprehensive and easy to follow as the others I own. However instead of recipes, this app is dedicated to tons of cool tips, tricks, even videos, for making some of the coolest Easter eggs.

How to dye Easter eggs: Martha Stewart eggs app | cool mom tech

You’ll find the basic recipe and color wheel, and yes, even a video for how to blow out an egg (truth: I’m a little afraid to try this), plus more than a dozen really amazing decorating ideas and tutorials that range from super easy to pretty involved for you super crafters. Plus, it’s all on one handy app, so all you need is your iPhone to get started. Martha–and technology–to the rescue. Again.

You can purchase the Martha Stewart eggs app for Easter on iTunes for $.99.

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