In a world… (sorry, had to start that way since we’re talking Hollywood here) where cell phones are de rigeur and struggling to grab a selfie while fumbling with your evening clutch is not, it was inevitable that this would happen: The #getsmartbag Minaudiere iPhone clutch. This totally swanky, splurgy, smart evening bag is designed to let you take a picture, send a text, even answer a call without ever taking your phone out of your bag.

Dude! It’s like Her, only without the earpieces.  Or the sad dysfunctional love story. Or the high-waisted pants.

The design of the #getsmartbag really is brilliant when you look at it–just pop your iPhone or iPhone5S  into a hinged flap on one side of the bag and it’s ready to go. A discrete hole for the camera lens is built right in, and the other buttons seem accessible, though I’m not sure about the headphone jack. (Not that you’d need to suddenly start listening to music on the red carpet.) The other side is a standard purse, holding lipstick, some cash, a few Xanax (kidding) – basically whatever you need for your next celebrity-studded event.

Designed by Tory Burch co-founder and NYC mom of four Fiona Kotur, the bags start at $395 and going up to $795 should you want yours embedded in glam Swarovski crystals.

Mother’s Day perhaps? Or really, this is the kind of purchase that makes any day Mother’s Day. Adding to the covet list, stat. Especially that black snakeskin bag. Oof.

Find the #getsmartbag Minaudiere iPhone Clutch on in 23 different colors and styles. This is one time when I totally get why a product is named with a hashtag in it, so I forgive them. 

[thanks titania!]


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