Here are a few tech links we enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too.


A Google car. That drives itself. Whoa.

Tim Cook on¬†why Apple buys Beats, calling it “the first streaming service that got it right.”

Also, congrats to Dr. Dre, hip-hop’s¬†first billionaire.

Love this ¬†free app that gets kids excited about coding. We’re in.

A question we all seem to be asking these days: To selfie, or not to selfie. [via Say Yes]

Reading Rainbow hits over one million dollars¬†on their first day on Kickstarter¬†and here’s why everyone is in love with it.


NASA Space art contest winner: Rachel Pike

Take a peek at the winners of NASA’s 2014 space art contest. Guess what? They’re all girls, like this one from Rachel Pike. [via¬†Eric McClellan]

One little ye olde-timey iPod Shuffle proves how well Apple products are made.

Tons of road trip apps to help with summer travel.

Interesting discussion about unplugging at home. Do you have tech-free time?

The mom banned from Facebook for ranting about her kids. Whoa. [via Geek Sugar] 

Did you ¬†notice the small change to Google’s logo. Take a look and see if you can spot it.

Need a great new Twitter feed to follow? Try Ken Jennings. He’s awesome.

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