Here are a few tech links we enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too.


Google car. That drives itself. Whoa.

Tim Cook on why Apple buys Beats, calling it “the first streaming service that got it right.”

Also, congrats to Dr. Dre, hip-hop’s first billionaire.

Love this  free app that gets kids excited about coding. We’re in.

A question we all seem to be asking these days: To selfie, or not to selfie. [via Say Yes]

Reading Rainbow hits over one million dollars on their first day on Kickstarter and here’s why everyone is in love with it.


NASA Space art contest winner: Rachel Pike

Take a peek at the winners of NASA’s 2014 space art contest. Guess what? They’re all girls, like this one from Rachel Pike. [via Eric McClellan]

One little ye olde-timey iPod Shuffle proves how well Apple products are made.

Tons of road trip apps to help with summer travel.

Interesting discussion about unplugging at home. Do you have tech-free time?

The mom banned from Facebook for ranting about her kids. Whoa. [via Geek Sugar

Did you  notice the small change to Google’s logo. Take a look and see if you can spot it.

Need a great new Twitter feed to follow? Try Ken Jennings. He’s awesome.

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