In addition to the adorable handprint crafts and other Mother’s Day gifts ideas that are in full supply in May, greeting cards are of course essential. And now there are so many great options for both digital and physical cards right from mobile phone apps, depending on how last-minute we’re talking. Here are a few of my favorite Mother’s Day card apps. Just know you’re down to the wire for sending physical cards (get on it!) but you have plenty of time for crafting a perfect digital card.

Red Stamp app

An all-star on the Cool Mom Tech front, Red Stamp (also at top) offers both digital and physical cards for every occasion. You can add personalized notes, photos and choose from thousands of gorgeous modern designs that can get as fun or as sentimental as you want to make them. Ecards are free, while printed card pricing starts at $0.99 plus another $0.99 if you want them to send for you. A good idea at this point. (Free, iOS and Android)


justWink mobile app for Mother's Day cards | Cool Mom Tech

justWink app

A personal favorite of mine, justWink offers a huge range of cards for every occasion (budding bromance?) including Mother’s Day, and for every style. Whether youā€™re going for heartfelt or funny (case in point: see above), you can find a card to suit your every card-giving need. Makes sense since the app is from American Greetings. justWink sends physical cards too for $3.49. (Free, iOS, Android, Nook, Kindle, Windows 8)


someecards app

By now everyone knows those hilariously off-the-wall postcards you friends post on your Facebook wall over and over again which hail from somecards. You can now send their highly irreverent selection of Mother’s Day cards that you can now send directly from your mobile phones. Although these may not be a fit for your conservative mother-in-law, they are definitely good for moms with a sometimes NSFW sense of humor, and for girlfriends –probably judging from your Facebook wall. ($0.99, iOS and Android; plusĀ $0.99 versions with more card options)


Felt app

For $3.99, you can personalize and send a loved one a physical card in the mail. For the traditionalists, Felt only sends real cards so the art of note writing can live on. Thereā€™s definitely not as big of a selection as the other apps here, but I love the hand-written look of the notes for that authentic feel. (Free, iOS)


This website has totally blown up from an address management app to one with a nifty selection of actual printed cards from some of our favorite designers like One Canoe Two, and Rifle Paper Co. It’s not an app, but it is a free service you can use from your mobile browser Send by May 7 for on-time arrival for Mother’s Day. Hurry! ($2/card from any up-to-date browser with free shipping with code LUVMOM, normally $.49).


Treat mobile app for Mother's Day cards | Cool Mom Tech

Treat app

Another mobile app offering from Shutterfly, Treat is a fantastic way to personalize your cards with all those awesome photos on your phone. It’s a great app for existing Shutterfly users and a nice addition to their photo offering. I also love the app’s reminder service so you’ll never forget a birthday or special occasion again. Like, oh, say next year’s Mother’s Day. (Free, iOS)

For more last minute card ideas, visit our post on 6 of the best ways to send cards online or from your phone. Also see our roundup of 19 of the funniest Mother’s Day cards on Cool Mom Picks. It’s worth it!

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