Here are some of our favorite tech links from this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


You won’t believe where this coffee machine can make coffee. Whoa.

A brilliant way to manage your kids’ screen time that’s working for a lot of us.

If only these amazing jobs tech were actual tech jobs, because that would be awesome. Enjoy the laugh. (via @blurb)

It’s not surprise we love this cool way people are using Instagram. Hint: Hold onto your credit cards.

The tech accessory we’re all coveting. Some of us are already buying.

If you really want to post GIFs on Twitter, here’s how to annoy your followers. Heh.


Use Sparingly blog on Cool Mom Tech

This blog featuring blunt translations for business jargon is cracking us up.

Why voice mails are so hilariously awkward. And probably, going away.

We’re digging the winners (and honorable mentions) of the iPhone Photography Awards. Who said you need a DSLR?

Excellent tips on What you should delete to get more storage space on your phone .

Love the discussion in the comments here about how people save money on their TV and Internet.

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