We’ve come a long way from the typewriter iPad combo we first discovered a few years bag that, though incredible, rang in at a whopping $799. That’s a lot to pay for “wow, cool.” And now we’ve got the evolution with a Kickstarter campaign to bring to life a really wonderful vintage typewriter inspired mechanical USB keyboard called the Qwerkywriter.

(Let’s just spend a moment on that wonderful name, shall we?)

For a minimum $289 donation, you’ll be the first on your block to own this thoughtfully considered 84-key keyboard that feels like an old typewriter, but connects to your desktop computer via USB, or more likely, to your iPad or tablet. I so compelled by getting that tactile, clicky feel of old school typewriters that I’ve always loved, especially because they’re more ergonomic than the flat ones we’ve all gotten used to.


Qwerkywriter USB vintage typewriter keyboard on Kickstarter via Cool Mom Tech

Qwerkywriter USB vintage typewriter style keyboard | Cool Mom Tech

The whole campaign is very well thought out,  with blank keycaps available, replaceable fonts for the font geeks among us, and an ANSI US layout for starters with an ISO coming if they hit their funding. And I really do hope they hit it. Because if this doesn’t look amazing on your desk, I don’t know what does.

Help fund the  Qwerkywriter vintage typewriter style 84-key USB keyboard via their Kickstarter campaign through July 3. Hurry–there aren’t too many $289 rewards left. Estimated ship date August 2015.