Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


Have you ever found yourself wishing for the perfect emoji? Check out this fun fun list of emoji that we would love to see.

Hello Kitty isn’t a cat and we just don’t know anymore.

Schoolhouse Rock is rocking a comeback with the best songs from the series, and we can’t wait to get our conjunction function(ing) again.

A way to turn any YouTube video into a GIF. The Internet finally gets us.

Do you like your interactive creativity to be a bit more hands on? There’s a pencil for that. Whoa!

This mysterious robot vacuum may actually understand your mess. We’re trying not to swoon.

Don’t forget, your public social media activity can be seen by anyone, and employers are watching.

Ponyo from Studio Ghibli

The rumors of Studio Ghibli’s demise might be greatly exaggerated. We sure hope so. (If you haven’t seen any of the Studio Ghibli family classics go rent them right now!)

According to Baratunde Thurston‘s tweet, “. . . anti social people are making all of the social tools.” Don’t worry, there’s a lot more in his Hacking Comedy TEDx video. A must-watch.

Are you tough enough to be on the Internet? Interesting read.

This vintage typewriter keyboard has released new concept art and we are still smitten.

Our friends at Scribd have a whole new look that makes it easier to find the books you want to borrow.

Divorce selfies are the latest thing to make the Internet uncomfortable. Thoughts?

Don’t like eating what you can’t say on the first try? This app will help you pronounce the long ingredients.

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