Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


Tech meets fashion with designer boots with a cell phone pocket inside.

Use Spotify to check out the top 200 songs of the decade so far. Are your favorites on there? (via @calebgardner)

Our friends at Techlicious have smart tips on how to tell if an online review is fake.

Must watch: Unsuspecting movie-goers react to a PSA about texting and driving.

These cool USB drives add a bit of style to your file.

How to detox from your smartphone in 7 days.


Ryan Gosling through the Oldify app. Would you try it?

How will celebs look in 60 years
? Eek, that’s one app we don’t want to try out.

Laughing at this mobile charging station that follows you anywhere. All the time.

Finally, an easy way to get all of our iPhone pictures printed. We’ve been waiting for this.

For the writers: How do you draw the line between personal stories and social media status updates?

Your kids will dig this:¬†Measure your scream and see if you’ve got the pipes to front a heavy metal band.

Simpsons marathon guide via Wired

So…who’s watching the Simpsons marathon? This guide should help!

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