Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


A custom Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle NES. So cool.

Will these solar-powered chargers (now being tested in Bryant Park) be coming to a park near you?

What would happen if Doctor Who met Gravity Falls? We hope it’s like this animated tribute.

The ALS ice bucket challenge has made it to the top of the Internet. Look at the big names who are participating!

How many robots does it take to self-assemble into awesome shapes? You’ve got to see this.

This video demonstrating what people look like using an ultraviolet camera will have you running for the sunscreen. Wow.

#MakeUpTransfortmation hashtag on Instagram

Okay, the #MakeUpTransformation hashtag on Instagram is comedy genius.

What happened when one woman quit liking on Facebook? Fascinating.

Interesting read on how to reset your brain. (via @calebgardner)

Like we needed another reason to love Tom Hanks, now he’s on a mission to save the typewriter, one iPad at a time.

This new book says our kids should be coding and the sooner the better.

What does #BuiltByGirls mean? The answers might surprise you (but we hope not).

This interactive storybook gets your kids picture perfect, and it is amazing.

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