Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


Remember Yo! MTV Raps?¬†(Please tell us you do!). Don’t call it a comeback, this¬†21st century boombox¬†will look awesome for years.

We love that Apple is embracing all the cool laptop decals people have created with some of their very own. Cool!

You won’t believe what this smart, STEM-loving teenage girl did with bananas. Who knew?

This new unsubscribe button from Gmail just saved us years and years of cursing.

Modern Seinfeld Twitter feed


We are laughing so hard at this¬†Seinfeld Twitter¬†feed. They’re tweets about nothing!¬†(via¬†Tickld)

This takes baby monitors to a whole new level. Whoa.

Interesting read: There’s a gender problem in tech, and it isn’t pretty.

Want to turn yourself into a LEGO? Of course you do. This LEGO portrait generator can help.

Who said zombies aren’t real?¬†According to NASA, they might be right above us.

Animation that brings science to life? We’d watch¬†that movie.


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