Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


Who you gonna eat? If you’re at Krispy Kreme then we suggest these Ghostbusters donuts, obviously.

The largest credit card breach in history: If you’ve shopped at Home Depot in the last six months,¬†they’ll provide you with free credit monitoring. (Also, check those credit card statements!)

And then, some good news for online shoppers with the new, FTC mandated refunds for backordered products.

Interesting perspective on why Microsoft is buying Minecraft for $2.5 billion dollars. No word on how many emeralds the villagers offered.

Great video: Careers that no longer exist because of technology.

Which social media users are more charitable than others? Some surprises.

NoPhone: The cure for smartphone addiction?

Suffering from smartphone addiction? We’re laughing at¬†The NoPhone, a technology-free alternative.

Behold, the eight-year-old who is making $1.3 million year on YouTube. So uh, what has your kid done lately?

If you love social media, you need this necklace.

SmartPi Raspberry Case: Compatible with cameras, GoPro, and LEGO!

Awesome Kickstarter: The SmartiPi Case is compatible with cameras, GoPros, and, well, LEGOs.

Meet Megan Smith, the new US Chief Technology Officer.

Life advice from Grumpy Cat. Just what you need to start the weekend.

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