Along with all the other coolness that Apple has launched recently, they’ve also introduced app bundles with iOS 8 — multiple apps from the same developer, bundled together for a lower price than if you bought them individually. A few of them stand out that we know our readers would love, and they’re offering some pretty sweet deals on them too.

You’ll find three Cut the Rope games for $3.99, and four Angry Birds games for $1.99.  The two TinyBop apps, Plants and the Human Body, are bundled for $4.99 which are a must for educational apps for kids. And we especially love the Toca Boca bundle from one of our all-time favorite developers which, for just $6.99, gets you Toca Lab, Toca Hair Salon 2, Toca Builders and Toca Cars all together.

However there are plenty of bundles besides kids games worth browsing, including productivity apps, photography, cooking and more. Hey, if you don’t own How to Cook Everything yet, might as well get it now while two of Mark Bittman’s comprehensive cookbook staples are just $14.99 for the pair.

iTunes introduces app bundles for savings on your favorite apps |

What’s nice is that if you already own one or more of the apps in the bundle, you can choose to complete your bundle for a reduced price–because really, don’t we all have Toca Builders already?

Apple has posted instructions for developers on how to create and market bundles, so we’re expecting lots more of them to be added to the App Store soon. It’s a smart way to get more of their apps into the hands of users, especially app-obsessed kids and parents like us who can’t resist a bargain. Though if you download that Angry Birds bundle, you’ll want to clear your schedule for a few days. We speak from experience.

Find all the available app bundles on the App Store. More coming daily, we’re sure.

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