Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


A¬†geeky birth announcement¬†that’s so clever, it crashed a site.

Research about kids and screen time: As you can imagine, too much is not a good thing.

Earbud tangles? Solved. In a very cool way.

One of our favorite bloggers describes her son’s experience attending an online school for part of high school.

Thrilled to hear about AOL’s new Build Fund, which is all about women-led digital startups.

The Hulu Viewers’ Choice Awards 2014 winners¬†are here, in categories like “Best Villain to be Stuck In Traffic With” and “Best Supporting Facial Hair.”

Ooh..swanky camera bag. And perfect for fall.


Marty the Mouse on Instagram: Randomly hilarious

This week’s totally random time-waster to make you smile: Follow¬†Marty the Mouse on Instagram.

If you aren’t scoring VIP¬†tickets to the runway shows this week, listen to the SiriusXM days of fashion¬†through their app and feel vaguely cool. That’s what we do.

Curious about the evolution of headphones? This audio (obviously) history is just for you audiophiles.

The back to school app for parents that our educator readers keep recommending.

Laughing at this IKEA video that parodies Apple ads.

The tech world says goodbye to International CES founder Jack Wayman who died at 92.

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