Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


Need a chuckle? The comments on our Facebook page about the foot hammock are hilarious.

On being a Minecraft parent. Isn’t that pretty much all of us these days?

A comparison of the iPhone 6 plus and the Samsung S5 by The Onion. Dying!

We’re enjoying these photo essays featuring creatives from all over the country. So inspiring.

Here’s a simple 7-day phone detox¬†in case you need a little help putting it down.

A must-read (if freaky): The darker side of Instagram for parents.

If you’re having¬†cell service and Touch ID problems with iOS8, you’re not alone!


Batman comic infinity scarf by Handmade Reverie on Cool Mom Tech

How fun is this Batman comic infinity scarf?

Interesting discussion about when to stop using a video baby monitor. It’s the new big brother, apparently.

A commercial photo shoot all done on an iPhone camera. Wow.

This year’s winners of the Google Science Fair.

Smart thoughts on posting photos of your kids online, and what to do about those old ones you might have forgotten about.

Love this: Flickr celebrates 20 of the most talented photographers under 20. The future is bright! (via Swiss Miss)

Sooooo apparently the¬†iPhone 6 Plus bends. (Hey, maybe don’t put a gigantic phone in your back pocket and sit on it?)

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