Congrats to the winners of the 2014 Innovation by Design awards, including the Reebok Checklight we featured that helps keeps kids safer on the sports field. (via Swiss Miss)

For those of you with little Minecraft fans: 10 of the best kid-friendly Minecraft channels on YouTube

We love how ONE is flooding the White House Instagram feed to help show support for childhood vaccines in the hopes that they will too. Here’s how you can join in. Just upload a photo of your kid to Instagram, use #everyparent and tag @onecampaign, and share it with a caption with something like #Everyparent deserves to hold their breath during their child’s first official haircut! @WhiteHouse please fully fund Gavi to make sure millions more parents have that chance. @onecampaign. Done!

Helpful tips for taking great Halloween photos of your kids.

Why lots of people are deleting Uber from their phone (strong language warning). (via @mollywood)


Glowy Zoey LED Halloween costume for kids

8 LED Halloween costume ideas, including Glowy Zoey from the hilarious viral video last year. Remember that?

And if you need more ideas, try these geeky halloween group costume ideas. Awesome.

Beautiful: How one boy with Autism became BFF with Apple’s Siri

Awesome comparison of GoPro and some of the newer, cheaper and very similar cameras on the market (including the Polaroid Cube which we featured here).

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