We rounded up some of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


One of our first CES 2015 picks is an awesome new family phone that lets you ditch your landline. Stay tuned for more!

Speaking of CES: So many cool smart home gadgets at CES this year, but what about security? Interesting read.

Big changes to NYC public schools regarding cell phone use. Will your school be next?

A scary new Instagram trend that parents should know about.

Getting your tech organized for 2015? Love this cool handmade pouch for your cords and cables.

Here’s an inbox zero trick that will help save your sanity.

Tons of old MS-DOS games, now available right on your browser!

Play all your favorite MS-DOS games right on your browser! Carmen Sandiego, anyone?

Well here’s something we’ve never seen before: Yoga for kids combined with Star Wars. Hilarious.

New Twitter feature lets you catch up on what you missed since your last login. Do you have it yet?

Love everything about this smart phone wallet. Including the price.

One of our favorite TV geeks is about to become a dad and it’s blowing up social media.

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