Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


If you tend to get distracted working on a computer or laptop these days, you need to see the Hemingwrite. (via swiss miss)

Now here’s an inspiring story: This 13-year old boy started a silicon valley company that helps kids with visual impairments.

And on the other side of the age spectrum, we love this piece about a 90-year old woman who’s designing tech to help improve the quality life of the elderly.

Here are the worst passwords of 2014. If yours happens to be on the list, don’t miss these tips for how to make a strong password.

We were pretty fascinated by how much the Internet is flipping out over a woman who lets her husband spy on their family with an app.

Data's Lil' Girl print

We love this Data’s lil girl print. Clever! (via Laughing Squid) 

A helpful round-up of the Microsoft Windows 10 news from yesterday’s big event.

When it comes to selfies, apparently it’s duck face, out. Surprise face, in. Oh man.

Here’s what our Editor Kristen had to say on HLN this week about the new Illinois law allowing schools to access kids’ private social media accounts. Eek!

How to organize digital photos using tech and apps. You can do it!

Looks like Spotify is following suit with so many apps and adding Tinder-like features.


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