Here are a bunch of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


Calling all Whovians! Doctor Who LEGO sets are coming. (via cnet)

Hop on Lumoid’s waiting list starting February 10th and you can try out the new Apple Watch at home before you buy it. Smart!

In honor of Blue Note Records’ 75 year anniversary, Sonos is launching a very cool, very pretty limited edition PLAY:1.

A new Instagram video feature we’re not too excited about.

Jerry Seinfeld emoji portrait by YungJake on Instagram

Whoa! This artist creates portraits using emoji. Check out all his creations on his Instagram feed. (via Geek Sugar)

Fire up your printer for these printable Minecraft Valentine’s cards, plus lots of others for geeky kids.

Soon your tweets will be popping up in Google search results.

Looks like Google is trying to up its kids’ game with their recent acquisition. Interesting.

Well, here’s what one dad did to try to deal with his teen’s Internet addiction.

You’ve got to watch this amazing stop motion video of an artist “painting” with LEGO bricks. So clever.

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