Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


So, #TheDress pretty much blew up the Internet yesterday. Here’s how it all started, in case you’re wondering.

Our editor Kristen’s funny tweet about #TheDress that pretty much sums it up.

Thanks to Wired for offering up the scientific explanation of the dress so we can all move onto other things. Like House of Cards Season 3!

Speaking of which, we’re digging these House of Cards campaign posters¬†(top) inspired by famous presidential slogans. We’re loving the Claire ones too.

That time a couple of Llamas blew up the Internet. Here’s a recap if you missed the hilarity.

A helpful review of the new YouTube Kids app launched this week.


Art of the Brick at Franklin Institute | Image via @mom101 on Intstagram

Our Editor Liz checked out the Art of the Brick exhibit at the Franklin Institute this past weekend. Have you seen it yet?

Wondering how the net neutrality ruling affects you? A very helpful explanation.

Over on Cool Mom Picks, a huge ultimate birthday party gift guide with tons of awesome #STEM and tech gifts for kids of all ages. Make sure to bookmark this one.

A very interesting piece on how tweens and teens are using Instagram.

These vintage tech ads are cracking us up.

And you just have to watch this adorable kitten who doubles as an iPhone stand.

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