Here are a few tech links we’ve enjoyed this week. We hope you like them too! 


Easter is just over a week away. Who’s making these Minecraft Easter eggs?

We love all the new iPhone 6 ads featuring actual user photos, but these parody Apple ads are cracking us up. So clever.

Here’s a helpful round-up of all the new Facebook changes coming our way soon.

First Meerkat, now Periscope. Here’s the buzz about these new livestreaming apps and why you should know about them.

Helpful tips for managing kids’ screen time that actually work.

Mad Scientist chart by Dorkly

Just for fun: A chart grading mad scientists from movies and tv shows by their level of intelligence and sanity. Ha!

We’re loving this look at how New Yorker covers have documented new technology over the years, including their newest with Hillary Clinton emoji.

Our new favorite thing: Gretchen Rubin’s new Happier podcast.

Looks like parents might be able to monitor their kids’ driving habits thanks to new technology from GM.

Thoughtful piece on how families are managing media.

We agree with Mother Jones that this video of these 6-year robot-building girls talking tech with Obama is the best thing you’ll see all day.

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