I love the idea of putting¬†vintage tech objects to use¬†as decorative bookends in a living room or home office¬†— I¬†have a couple of pastel, original Ericophones I use¬†for just that thing.¬†But should you not have a pair of gorgeous, old-school cameras lying around that you can spare, ceramic artist¬†Breck Armstrong has them for you.

He takes gorgeous finds that predate words like “selfie” and “untag me please” and incorporates¬†them¬†into these wonderful¬†vintage camera bookends¬†available through Uncommon Goods.

It’s the perfect way to¬†bookend a collection of photography books or old heirloom family photo albums, isn’t it? Each pair is handmade to order for you so it does take a few weeks, should you be considering them as special¬†Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts. (I have a couple of grandparents in my life who would flip for these.)

Handmade Vintage Camera Bookends on Uncommon Goods

While these are my favorites, also check out some of his other cool housewares on the site incorporating cool antiques, including a lamp made from vintage film reels. Yeah, try explaining that one to the kids.

Find the vintage camera bookends by artist Breck Armstrong online at Uncommon Goods. 


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