I have spent the last I-don’t-know-how-long searching for the coolest photo display ideas for my own snapshots. Because there are so many pictures I love, but getting my photos off my phone and printed seems to be a major feat for me these days. Even when I do get them printed, they tend to get stashed in a storage box — and a lot of good that does me! So instead of just stocking up on a million frames at the craft store and taking over an entire wall, I’ve found some really cool photo display ideas for my home.

I love how clever and unexpected these 21 ideas all are, and most of them are so easy, you can get them ordered and done after the kids go to bed. There are even some cool DIY ideas for those of you with access to a terrific printer and some basic supplies. And hey, with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up, there’s plenty of inspiration here.

Just don’t expect ideas like photo mugs, mousepads or custom photo smartphone cases — you already know all about those, right?

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21 photo display ideas: A magnetic hanging collage frame

1. Use a simple photo collage frame
This magnetic collage photo frame spotted at Urban Outfitters is a modern way to display photos of any kid, but I like using ones that have a cool vintage vibe or are all filtered in a similar way or processed with similar tones, to create a more focused display. And since each photo is attached with magnets, it’s so easy to update it regularly with new photos. No pushpins needed.


21 photo display ideas: Kikkerland's modern hanging photo mobile

2. Hang a photo mobile
You don’t have to relegate mobiles to a baby’s nursery, especially when they’re as cool and industrial as Kikkerland’s photo mobile at Amazon. Such an unexpected way to show off your images over a desk or right over a coffee table, and it starts at just $13.99 with free Prime shipping.


21 Photo display ideas: Turn them into wall decals

3. Make photo wall decals
The eco-friendly photo wall decals from Paper Culture are one of my favorite ways to display my photos and I keep raving about them, because no wonky picture frames. If one looks crooked? Fix it easily. After having a set on my wall for the better part of a year, I can still remove them, reposition them, and put them back up without any problems.


21 photo display ideas: Turn vintage photos into custom wallpaper

4. Create custom photo wallpaper
This vintage black and white photo as wallpaper is a cool way to make a bold statement with a favorite photo. It makes such an interesting backdrop to a room, and the neutrals, whether you go black and white or more sepia, allows you to bring in lots of color with your furniture. You can get your own no-fade custom wallpaper made at World Wide Wall Murals provided your photo is at least 4 megapixels; or check out the UK’s Better Wallpaper, who offers inspiration like the photo above. [h/t apartment therapy]



photo display ideas: print them on oversized paint chips

5. Print photos on ombre paint chips
I love idea of printing your black and white photos on oversized paint chips for a really unexpected effect that turns regular photos into amazing art. This display brings a big modern punch of color that can fit any decor. You can do a single photo or stack a few like the idea here from a tutorial at BHG. Plus, it’s so easy to update as you change your photos — or your wall color.


photo display ideas: order them as photo magnets

6. Make mini photo magnets
When we have company over, they tend to hang out in the kitchen. The Photo magnets from Sticky 9 (formerly Stickygram) are a fun, affordable way to show off some favorite photos without setting out a bunch of frames that get in the way while I’m cooking. Stick them to a fridge, a knife rack, a metallic bulletin board, you name it. I think the really graphic ones look terrific, or try photos of food. Of course my kids like the ones featuring their own artwork.


Photo display ideas: Accordion photo books at Rag & Bone Bindery for Instagram photos

7. Display a mini brag book

We love the accordion-pleated photo brag books from Rag & Bone bindery, a company that still makes every book by hand in Rhode Island. They have lots of options but we really like the Instabooks which are specifically made to display your favorite square Instagram snaps. It’s so nice to keep on an end table where guests can flip through it at any time.

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photo display ideas: print photos on sandstone drink coasters

8. Create custom photo Coasters
There are lots of options for printing your own cardboard photo coasters online, but we’re loving the Brooklyn-made sandstone photo coasters from Coastermatic which are bound to last a little longer. Bonus: you can remind your kids to protect your furniture from water stains by using their own coaster.


photo display ideas: order a custom photo pillow

9. Make a custom photo collage pillow
The photo collage pillows from Stitchagram lend such a bright, fun pop of personality in any room and make fantastic custom photo gifts too. And if they’re for your teen, they add a whole new aspect to practicing kissing on your pillow. (We totally didn’t just say that.)


photo display ideas: create a huge oversized collage

10. Make a big statement with a massive photo collage.
No doubt, this would take forever to make. But this wall-sized photo collage makes a serious statement in a large space that’s hard to fill. That is, if you can afford the frame–it probably costs more than my monthly mortgage payment.


Photo collage poster at Print Studio

11. Make a slightly smaller but still big statement with a photo collage

Print Studio (formerly known as Printstagr.am) makes it easy to make a giant poster using between 50-200 Instagram photos, or regular photos too. They look fantastic when they’re all in a single tone, like a whole print full of Hipstamatic prints.



photo display ideas: custom collage posters from Minted
12. Have someone make the collage poster you couldn’t make yourself
If you’re not the crafty type, you can still have a gorgeous photo collage to display on your walls that goes beyond a grid.  Minted makes some amazing photo collage posters to display your photos and we’re partial to this heart design featuring 30 of your favorites. With 11 different frame styles from traditional to simple and modern, there’s one perfect for your nursery, your office, your bedroom, or any wall you have in mind.

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21 photo display ideas: Very special photo lockets from With You Lockets

13.  Wear a classic photo locket
There are so many ways to wear your favorite photographs around your neck, but we’re partial to the beautiful keepsake lockets from With You Lockets. They’re not just for baby pictures at all!



photo display ideas: make a DIY photo monogram
14. Make your own photo monogram
If you’re the crafty type, there are so many photo collage ideas out there, but we’re partial to this one. Buy a big cardboard letter which you can find right on Amazon or your local craft store. Coat with Modge Podge and cover with favorite black and white photos for a very cool photo monogram like this tutorial at BHG. You can even paint the sides to match your decor for a not-too-hard DIY project


photo display ideas: Print them all in an archival-quality photo book.

15. Display an archival photo album as a coffee table book.
The tried-and-true method of displaying favorite photos, beyond framing them, is to put them in an album. We’ve compared the very best photo books and one recommendation for a really high quality book that’s going to last until your grandkids can look at it, comes from Artifact Uprising. Their books are just gorgeous. All I have to work on is taking better pictures.

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photo display ideas: hang them inside your kitchen cabinets to avoid clutter

16. Hide photos inside your kitchen cabinets.
When displaying photos on the fridge feels messy, but you still want to be able to see them, take this trick from Apartment Therapy — and every teenager with a locker. Display photos inside your cabinet doors. This way you can see them every time you open up a cabinet, but the clutter is hidden when guests come over.


17. Make a set of photo blocks

The folks at Bebe Blocks do a beautiful job printing your photos on custom blocks that look so sweet in a nursery or even on a desk at an office.


photo display ideas: turn your Instagram images into tattoos

Applying temporary tattoos to your phone case, via Tattly

18. Order custom photo tattoos, and not just for skin
How’s this for an awesome gift: custom photo tattoos by Picattoo from your Instagram feed. While they’re not a way to display photos on your walls, they can be used for more than your skin; you can apply photo tattoos to your phone case (check out the instructions from Tattly), a lunchbox, or your laptop. So fun.

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photo display ideas: use a vintage children's book as a frame

19. Use a vintage book as a frame.
This so-easy DIY from Better Homes and Gardens converts a vintage children’s book into a picture frame. You can find a vintage book at a used bookstore or a flea market or maybe your grandmother’s attic. I couldn’t love this idea for a child’s room more.


photo display ideas: custom printed shower curtains
20. Print photos on a shower curtain
If you’re not scared of bold graphic statements, print a favorite photo on a shower curtain. I’d probably keep this for my kids’ bathroom rather than my own, but they would totally love it. Then again, if you happen have beautiful photos of flowers, graphic shapes, interesting letters, or scenic vacation spots, then they could make a very cool shower curtain for your own bath too.



Photo display ideas: A DIY photo banner | IG user Katya via Postalpix app

21. Create a DIY photo banner
An easy DIY alternative to the magnetic frames: make your own by hanging photos on cord with mini clothespins using an app like Postalpix which prints your IG photos. We like this idea from IG user Katya who turned hers into a birthday banner, but we could see keeping one up all year long. I know it’s not the newest of ideas, but don’t knock it; done well it really is charming.


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